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Irina Ball from Miami, is an International Business Financial Consultant, has a Bachelor in Business, has a Panameniam successful business family, and was born in Panama in 1968. Irina Ball manages funds to build schools, hospitals, and projects in general to benefit communities, cities in Central, South America and create independent Housing for homeless children in the USA.

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December 31, 2020

Irina Ball Miami Illustrates Positive Impact of Swimming on Health and Wellness

Businesswoman and philanthropist Irina Ball Miami offers an insightful look at the health and wellness benefits of swimming for recreation, sport, or exercise. From supporting cardiovascular fitness and maintaining a healthy weight to promoting relaxation and alleviating stress, the benefits of swimming, either for sport, recreation, or exercise, are plentiful. A successful businesswoman and celebrated […]

irina dutari
November 16, 2020

Irina Dutari Discusses Several Proven Ways Swimming Benefits Children

Irina Dutari discusses several proven ways swimming can benefit children. Learning to swim is undeniably important for a child’s safety. However, studies have shown that swimming can benefit kids in numerous mental and physical ways. Avid swimmer Irina Dutari recently discussed several proven ways swimming can benefit kids of all ages. First, Irina Dutari explained that swimming provides a number […]

Irina Dutari
November 5, 2020

Irina Dutari Giving Back to Community Through Charitable Fundraising

Helping the Homeless and Needy Kids Find Hope in Miami Irina Dutari is helping the homeless and children with food, shelter and education through charitable fundraising. With these funds, Irina Dutari is lifting people up and making the community more productive, safe and inclusive for everyone. Whether it’s food baskets or food distribution areas, Irina Dutari is helping to feed […]

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