Irina Ball Miami Illustrates Positive Impact of Swimming on Health and Wellness

Irina Ball

December 31, 2020

Businesswoman and philanthropist Irina Ball Miami offers an insightful look at the health and wellness benefits of swimming for recreation, sport, or exercise.

From supporting cardiovascular fitness and maintaining a healthy weight to promoting relaxation and alleviating stress, the benefits of swimming, either for sport, recreation, or exercise, are plentiful. A successful businesswoman and celebrated philanthropist, Irina Ball Miami provides a closer look at the benefits of swimming regularly on an individual’s health and wellness.

“Swimming is among the best forms of activity for those looking to stay healthy and bolster their sense of well-being,” says international financial consultant Irina Ball Miami, speaking from her home in southeastern Florida.

Irina Ball Miami is a keen swimmer, taking to the water as often as possible. The financial consultant and philanthropist does so, she says, as part of an exercise routine which the businesswoman credits with the cheery disposition and overall good health that she works hard to achieve.

According to Irina Ball Miami, the six most significant benefits of swimming—either for recreation, sport, or exercise—on a person’s health and wellness include supporting cardiovascular fitness, maintaining a healthy weight, and building strength while simultaneously providing improved muscle tone.

With staying in shape and a healthy heart and lungs central to a long life according to the American Heart Association and the American Lung Association, improved muscle tone—crucial to good posture—has also been identified by healthcare experts as a major factor in staying fit and active as an individual ages.

A further three benefits, meanwhile, Irina Ball Miami says, extend to promoting relaxation, alleviating stress, and supporting a general sense of well-being. “A healthy body and a healthy mind go hand in hand, and swimming is among the best ways to achieve this,” adds the Miami-based businesswoman and philanthropist.

The international financial consultant’s philanthropic nature has seen Irina Ball Miami contribute toward a wealth of incredible causes ranging from community projects in Central and South American to independent housing initiatives for homeless children across the United States. Both in a personal and professional capacity, Irina Ball Miami has also overseen the management of funds assigned to build schools, hospitals, and other critical pieces of infrastructure in areas where these vital local institutions are most desperately needed.

Returning briefly to the topic in hand, also worthy of an honorable mention in terms of the benefits of swimming, according to Irina Ball Miami, are improved flexibility, coordination, and balance. “Swimming also serves as an excellent means of low-impact therapy for those with a variety of health conditions or following an injury,” she suggests. “What’s more, it’s among the most pleasant ways in which to cool down during hot weather,” adds Irina Ball Miami in closing, “whether at the pool, the beach, or in a local lake or river, as and when it’s safe to do so.”