Irina Dutari Discusses Several Proven Ways Swimming Benefits Children

Irina Ball

November 16, 2020

irina dutari

Irina Dutari discusses several proven ways swimming can benefit children.

Learning to swim is undeniably important for a child’s safety. However, studies have shown that swimming can benefit kids in numerous mental and physical ways. Avid swimmer Irina Dutari recently discussed several proven ways swimming can benefit kids of all ages.

First, Irina Dutari explained that swimming provides a number of cardiovascular benefits. When kids learn to swim, their lung and heart condition improves drastically. Swimming, especially when learning, requires a lot of active moments, which helps young children develop endurance and strength. Irina Dutari added that swimming also enhances balance and flexibility.

“Swimming regularly can greatly benefit a child’s cardiovascular health,” Irina Dutari said. “This health physical movement can help kids avoid childhood obesity and the many health issues associated with it.”

Irina Dutari added that swimming offers a variety of social benefits to children as well. Socially engaging in a group apart from school helps kids learn to communicate in a successful manner. Kids who join swimming groups, teams, or clubs also have an opportunity to meet others with similar interests. This can result in lifelong friendships. Swimming in a team atmosphere also promotes confidence and superior self-esteem.

“Studies have shown that swimming helps children develop a greater mind-body connection,” Irina Dutari said. “This can improve intelligence and overall brain development.”

Irina Dutari added that kids who swim tend to experience less stress and anxiety. This is because swimming increases the endorphins in the brain, effectively relieving stress. Children who swim regularly tend to have a more balanced lifestyle rich in physical activity. The development of a routine, such as attending swimming practice, can teach kids how to manage time and priorities.

“Swimming teaches a variety of safety skills that are essential for all children,” Irina Dutari said. “One-fifth of kids who die to due to drowning are under the age of 14.”

Irina Dutari explained that teaching your kids to swim could be life-saving. Kids who know how to swim are more comfortable around water and are also able to help others in difficult situations. However, Irina Dutari explained all kids — even those who swim well — need to be supervised while swimming in a pool, lake, or any other body of water.

“Swimming improves safety, promotes superior health, and benefits children mentally in numerous ways,” Irina Dutari said. “I hope all parents will take the time to enroll their kids in a quality swimming course, so they can enjoy all of the positive lifelong benefits swimming provides.”