Irina Dutari Giving Back to Community Through Charitable Fundraising

Irina Ball

November 5, 2020

Irina Dutari

Helping the Homeless and Needy Kids Find Hope in Miami

Irina Dutari is helping the homeless and children with food, shelter and education through charitable fundraising. With these funds, Irina Dutari is lifting people up and making the community more productive, safe and inclusive for everyone.

Whether it’s food baskets or food distribution areas, Irina Dutari is helping to feed the homeless with efficiency and care. There are numerous hungry families that do not have the means to acquire enough food. Through Irina Ball Miami and her fundraising campaigns, food is delivered faster and with greater frequency, so that it’s easier than ever for the homeless to gain sustenance.

Irina Dutari is also fundraising so that kids get the education and school supplies they need. There are shortages of supplies, tutors and supplemental materials for many children, and they need help to get the education they deserve. Funds go to the right kids to make sure that no one is left behind and that children have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Helping homeless kids find housing is also an aim of Irina Dutari’s fundraising efforts. It’s difficult for children to attain the skills they need later in life, if they do not have a bed, utilities or a safe place to reside. Irina Dutari is raising funds so kids can find safety and comfort. This is not only a moral thing to do, but it also lifts up the community and makes it a more just place to live. Given the affluence of the U.S. and Miami, there is no reason to let kids go homeless.

All of the funds raised by Irina Dutari are going to people in need. Members of the Miami community, businesses and concerned citizens from other cities are making a difference in the lives of the homeless. Through her business relationships and contacts, Irina Ball Miami has made a positive impact and continues to help those that need it.

Irina Dutari is an international business consultant with a track record of successful business ventures and giving back to the community. Born in Panama in 1986, she has managed funds in cities throughout Central and South America. She continues to look for new and innovative ways to support those in need and provide housing for homeless children in the USA.